Joining the MileHiCon 52 Virtual Discord

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Joining the MileHiCon 52 Virtual Discord

To chat with attendees on Discord, first follow this invite link:
If you’re already signed in to Discord via your browser or the client app, you’ll immediately be placed into the #announcements channel. Skip down to Requesting access below.
If you’re new to Discord, click the Register link. If you’re already registered on Discord, log in with your email and password, then skip down to Requesting access below. (Note: this username and password are separate from your MileHiCon username and password.)

To register for Discord, provide your e-mail address and a username and password. By default, your username is displayed as your name on the server, but most servers (including ours) give you the option to change your nickname.

Once you’ve created your account, you’ll be logged in and can proceed to request access. Or, you can download the Discord app for your computer or phone, for a slightly more polished experience.

Requesting access

To request access, click the #welcome channel. On a computer, this will appear in the channel list on the left hand side of the window. On mobile devices, tap the menu icon at the upper left corner and select #welcome from the list that appears.



Once you’ve selected the #welcome channel, %apply to start the validation process. You’ll receive a direct message from “Application Bot” prompting for your registration information.

When the questionnaire is complete, you’ll be asked to confirm. Click the ✅ (check mark) reaction to submit, or the ❎ (X) reaction to cancel. If you cancel, you can type %apply in the #welcome channel again to start over. Otherwise, if you accept, your information will be submitted and you’ll receive a confirmation message.

Once you’re granted access, you’ll receive another message. You’ll no longer see the #welcome channel, but you’ll see a number of other channels instead.



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