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Robert Hay
Seven Stars Designs

The work I do is not about any one subject. There are many themes in my art; however photography, it is a hobby that turns into a muse for other art work, and limitless only to the imagination.

Leather working is a skill that I have picked up over the years and find that it is an extension of sculpture. Speaking of sculpture, people find that my work is very esoteric.

Having always been intrigued with the religious sculptures of the world and their themes they have influenced all my sculpture.

Japanese ink and calligraphy was the first form of painting I learned from my grandmother. These paintings are influenced from the Shinto aspects of the old Japanese Bushido warriors code.

If your thinking that I’m doing to much or I have over extended my reach, keep in mind that after years of learning different forms of art, it is only limited to my imagination an my imagination tumbles blindly as it makes it’s way across the universe. L’fum tzara agra. Nothing’s gonna change my world.