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Fabriquewerx Studio

Leather craft and custom garb for pirates, jedi knights, steampunks, wenches, elves, wizards, witches, heroes and other gentle lunatics.
My story:
I am a Colorado based seamstress and costumer who began playing Star Wars with my young teenage son in 2002, graduating to crafting and selling leather Jedi belts in 2010, a course I continue to follow to this day. These belts have shipped worldwide and are the centerpiece of all Fabriquewerx ventures but current basic stock includes many other “fandoms”, including in particular the Steampunk movement and the TV show Supernatural. Fabriquewerx is best known for Steamtrek Delta Pins, Hunter and Steampunk Field Test Kits, ring and panel leather belts, unique tooled pouches, and of course the Jedi belt sets. A veteran of many Denver area conventions and art shows, I look forward to testing the virtual vendor experience